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Faraar (2015) Movie Review : Gippy Grewal

Director : Baljit Singh deo

Starring : Gippy Grewal, Kainaat Arora, Jaggi Singh

Rating **1/2 (2.5/5)

Run Time : 148 Minutes

Synopsis : Ekam a young man comes to USA  to fore fill his dreams, upon arriving at the airport Ekam is taken into custardy as he is mistaken for a notorious gangster Shinda,  who’s on the dark side of the law, after he commits unexpected crimes.

Ekam having no one that he could call with the exception of Jasmine who he friended on the plane. A high profile lawyer decides to help them. As the investigation goes under way the lawyer is confident that Ekam is innocent however unexpected events turns their lives upside down. Desperate measures are taken to prove EKAM is innocent.

Movie Review :

Script Analysis

This fictitious tale with a mixture of realism makes an effort to come across as an edge-of-the-seat thriller but fails at keeping us glued to it.

There are certain scenes where the suspense is maintained well. What does not really go well with the storyline is the fact that the mission is hardly kept a secret. At First, Shinda when cops captured his house cops set a round of bullets on shinda, Later shinda describes to his lawer he was not there. a wrong presentation. O , common you cannot fool audience. Almost every scene in movie is predictable that the least you expect is a power packed end but what you get is an ultra emotional one. Not what I signed up for!

Star Performance

Gippy Grewal in role shinda is strictly ok.In role of Ekam he fails to leave an impression to the audience. Kainaat arora while looking chubby has left his acting ability behind. Jaagi Singh, He steals the show what a fine presentation of negative character by him.

Music, Direction

As like his recent flick ” Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi ” director Baljit deo again failed to give a good watchable film for audience. At first, Gippy particularly messes up by showing a scene where he fights with a guy with full body covered t-shirt. When you are playing a role of hardcore guy your body language should look like a rough & tough guy. The story and Poor direction kills the excitement. While somehow good performance by gippy grewal & brilliant by jaggi but films fails to keep audience stuck with the chairs only the director & weak script is responsible for this.

Music has  some big names are attached to movie like jazzy B, Manmohan Waris, Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Bohemia.So music adds advantage to film. Background is also strictly ok.

The Last Word

Shinda is ekam & Ekam is Shinda, Farrar  has nothing extraordinary, It can be avoided.


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