‘Crown Prince of Bhangra’ Jazzy B joins B.C. Hall of Entertainment Fame


Legendary bhangra musician Jazzy B was inducted into B.C.’s Hall of Fame Saturday, earning a star on Vancouver’s Granville Street.

“It’s a great moment for me, a great moment for my family, my friends,” said Jaswinder Singh Bains, known to his fans as Jazzy B or the “Crown Prince of Bhangra.”

Bains is the first South Asian star to join the walk of fame. He was born in Punjab, India and raised in Surrey, B.C.

“I’ll always represent Surrey, man,” he said to CBC News.

“[Surrey’s] going through a rough time because some people just want to make easy money, but Surrey is Surrey and I always will be a Surrey boy.”

Jazzy B’s debut album, Gugian da Jorra, was released in 1993 and since then he’s garnered thousands of fans from across the world.

He travels between Canada, India and his home in Birmingham.


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