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The star cast of an upcoming movie, Great Sardaar , Visits the Holy City Amritsar

The star cast of an upcoming movie, Great Sardaar , reached Amritsar today. The team went to the Golden Temple and started their promotion with the blessings of Guruji. The Cast includes the famous singer Dilpreet Dhillon, the shaan of Punjab Yograj Singh, Ashish Duggal and a new face Amrindar Biling. Roshni Sahota, who is a very famous TV actress, is the lead actress of the movie. The cast also includes Dipali Rajput and Senior Artist Teji Sandhu, who is also the writer of the film. Amritjit Singh Sran is the Producer of the movie and is also playing the
role of a minister in the movie.

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The film is produced by Apna Heritage and Safire Films. Dialogues of the film have been written by Karan Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar and Akshay Singh. The narration of the film is done by Ranjeet Ball.According to the star cast, the film is an action and drama movie. The story of the film is on a man who keeps the value and respect of his turban. The man is the Sarpanch of a village who finished crime and filthy practices from the village. But it is said that time never remains the same. There is a Baba in the village who is also into bad practices. So to finish these practices Gurjant and Gurbaz, along with the wife of Sarpanch , who finish the crime and teach a lesson to the Baba. The music of the film is amazing. Dilpreet Dhillon, Ranjeet Bawa, Prabh Gill, Jaggi Singh, Shipra Goyal and Firoz Khan are the singers. The music is directed by Jaggi Singh, Desi Kruz and Beat Tracks. The film is being released through Globe Movie and Ohri Production. The post production of the film has been done by Bal Film
Factory. The movie will be released on 30 th june 2017.


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