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Is Sonam Bajwa is ready for her Bollywood Debut?

Actor Sonam Bajwa recently seen in ‘Super Singh’ with Diljit Dosanjh. While the 27-year-old actor has plenty of Punjabi films to her credit, it’s surprising that her Bollywood debut is still awaited.

“I’ve done a couple of meetings for Hindi films, but haven’t come across anything interesting enough that would compel me to take up the role. I’m waiting for the right script. In my Bollywood debut, I want to do something impactful,” says Sonam. Among the different genres of films in Bollywood, Sonam feels that the art house cinema has developed a niche audience. Ask her about the kind of film she wants to do as her debut, and the actor says, “I haven’t thought whether I want to take up something out and out commercial or artsy. I just want to do a good film. Sometimes you get scripts, which aren’t worthy of doing. I don’t have a closed mind with the thought that I just want to do a particular kind of film. I want to do something that makes me comfortable.”

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