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Roshan Prince starrer “Boooo Main Dargi” is now on cards

There are many things for which our Punjabis are known for as there are so many critical and difficult activities and situations in which only Punjabis can come out by doing one mischief or the other. And one thing out of them will be proved in the Punjabi Film by the name of “Boooo Mai Dargi” whicht would definitely give us a double dose of entertainment. The film will be made under the banner of Next Image Entertainment. The film will be Directed by Manjeet Singh Tony, for this film the story, dialogues and screenplay has been written by non other that Raju Verma who has given films like, Aate Di Chidi and few films which are yet to be released like Muklawa, Challe Mundiyan, Lukkan Michi, Laddu Barfi, Tom & Jerry, Ni Mein Sas Kuttni. Produced by Sony Nadha and Karamjeet Thind with Co-Producer as Balwan Singh, Harwinder Babbu and Harbhajan Singh along with Pravin Kumar the Executive Producer from Pravin Productions. The film stars Roshan Prince and Isha Rikhi in lead roles along with Yograj Singh, BN Sharma, Harby Sangha, Anita Devgan, Anmol Verma, Nisha Bano, Satinder Kaur, Deep Gill, Gurmeet Sajjan, Sony Nadha, Dilawar Sidhu, Parveen Akhtar and Parkash Gadhu also in important characters too.

The team today announced the movie. The Director, Manjeet Singh Tony, said, “We will not be able to reveal much about the story of the film but we can assure you that this film will make its mark in the punjabi cinema. This is a comedy film and as we all know that comedy is all about the perfect timing and when we have a group of seasoned actors like BN Sharma, Anita Devgan, Parkash Gadhu and Harby Sangha, we are sure that this film will also tickle the viewer’s funny bone and as it is seen in the posters and the trailer too, it so much evident that the film will make you giggle on your seats”.

The writer, Raju Verma, said, “The film will definitely give its audience a big scoop of comedy. This is my debut film and I am very sure that the audience will like and appreciate my character”.

The Producers, Sony Nadha and Karamjit Thind also added, “We are very hopeful that our this film will get a very positive response from the audience”.

The music will be prepared by Gurmeet Singh and Gags Studio. The songs in the film will be sung by Roshan Prince, Mannat Noor and Gulrez Akhtar whose lyrics will be penned down by Raju Verma.

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