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Movie Review – Yoddha

Movie Review – Yoddha The Warrior


Movie Review

Ratings ***1/2 (3.5/5) 

Director : Mandeep Benipal

Starring : Kuljinder Sidhu, Unnati Dawara, Rahul Dev, Girija Shankar, Nissar Khan, Mahabeer Bhullar, Sandeep Kapoor,Dinesh Sood, Zafar Khan, Ajay Jethi, Hector Sandhu & others

What’s Good: Fast-paced screenplay; out-of-the-world confrontation scenes; extraordinary dialogues; performances par excellence; superb action.

What’s Bad: Nothing really!

Verdict: Yoddha is a surefire hit, packed with power-packed performances, powerful dialogues and wonderful dialogues.

Loo break: None at all.

Watch or not?: Cent percent, watch it! And if you want to double your enjoyment, watch it with a big group of friends and family.

User rating

Synopsis :

Those who oppose or threaten aren’t yet aware of the sharpness of a warrior’s weapon. Coming to kick your senses is the hard-hitting sensation of OXL Films “yoddha the warrior”. Directed by Mandeep Benipal “Yoddha the warrior” marks the starting of a different cult of movies in Punjabi Cinema. Yoddha is a fictional tale full-house packed with drama, action and entertainment. Yoddha tear opens the political vandalism that exists in this contrasting period of Punjab and somehow vocals the voice of common people against it. This movie is set against the backdrop of the border area of Punjab where Drug Mafia rules and everyone including some police officers are involved in this racket. In these circumstances our Hero “Ranjod Singh”, who is an NRI from UK and is visiting India survives from a big fight and hence is transformed to a new avatar of Yoddha-the warrior

Embodying the qualities of strength, courage and determination he becomes a forceful soul. Upholding the reality of his life, with his new avatar he raises his voice against corruption and fights a social and personal battle. As a true warrior Ranjod Singh knows there are causes to serve, battles to win and struggles to be overcome which is why Ranjod Singh fights against people promoting drugs and also take many steps for the welfare of society.

Penned by Kuljinder Singh Sidhu and Amardeep Singh Gill, Yoddha is produced by Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Dinesh Sood, Rajiv Kumar and Sanjeev Joshi. Besides Kuljinder Singh Sidhu in the lead role the movie has Unnati, Rahul Dev,Girja shankar,Nasir Khan and Hardeep Gill in the star-cast.

Yoddha travels through different faces of emotion and all in all is going to be a complete action-packed thriller which will not stop entertaining the audience for full two and a half hours. The macho action hero Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, with his sheer characterisation of his role would make the audience see the spirit and soul of a true warrior.

Movie Review :

Team ” Sadda Haq ” is back with ” Yoddha The Warrior ” The earlier part of the film is devoted to establishing the characters of Yoddha.After that movie picked the pace till end.Finally a good film in front of people who had bored from so called comedy movies.
Star Performances :
If the screenplay and dialogues(Amardeep Gill & Kuljinder Sidhu) are par excellence, the performances of the actors are out-of-the-world! Kuljinder Sidhu, it would seem, was born to play this role. He is absolutely extraordinary as yoddha and breathes fire in the scenes of confrontation with Goga, goons and the minister. He is suitably mellow in the romantic scenes. Unnati Dawra may not be very beautiful but she acts with effortless ease. Her performance is good. Rahul Dev is mind-blowing as goga. He lives his role and does such a great job of it that it is difficult – nay, impossible – to imagine anybody else in that role. It would not be one bit of a surprise if he picked up all the awards for the best villain. Both, Kuljinder and Rahul make use of their eyes and body language so beautifully that it’s a delight to watch them together on screen. Nissar Khan is first-rate as policeman DSP Dogra. He has some weighty dialogues that will win him fans. Sandeep Kapoor in role of DSP kapoor has done good job. Girija Shankar does a splendid job as the corrupt minister and his dialogues are very entertaining. In Short Roles Dinesh Sood & Zafar Khan has done brilliant job.
Direction & Music :
Mandeep Benipal deserves kudos for his superb direction. His narration is remarkable and credit to him for making the action film so entertaining and engrossing. His biggest victory lies in making the action film seem like an emotional-action drama because it is the strong emotional undercurrent which comes across loud and clear all through the action fare. It is for this very reason that besides the masses and the menfolk, even girls and ladies will adore this action film and even applaud it with loud cheers and claps.  action scenes and stunts are enjoyable, entertaining and engrossing. The masses, especially, will simply love the stunts. Music (Gurmeet Singh) is also the plus point for movie. The title track has its own beauty and it creates a huge impact when it comes at various points in the background.Ranjha is good and Khanda is also fair. Promotional track ‘Ghora’ by jazzy b already topping the charts.Song picturisations go with the mood of the film. Lyrics are nice. Background music, by Salil Amrute, is splendid. The use of the ‘Yoddha’ chorus in the background is just too wonderful. cinematography is first-rate. 
Costume designer`s (Supreet) work is also appreciable she managed the outfits of kuljinder very well specially yoddha`s look.Unnati`s outfits also add charm on her screen presence.overall she has done good job in movie as costume designer.
On the whole, Yoddha is a powerful action-emotional drama which boasts of equally powerful dialogues and absolutely power-packed performances. It’s a super-hit and will be loved by the masses and the classes, the men and the women, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It is the kind of film which consumes the viewer and gives him the feeling that he was part of the fight against corruption!



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