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Movie Review : What The Jatt

Director : Saket Behl

Starring : Harish Verma,Isha Rikhi, Vipul Roy, Binnu Dhillon, Satti Sembi, B.N.Sharma, Poonam Rajput & others

Ratings : ** (2/5)

Synopsis : What the Jatt is a nerve tickling adventurous comedy film about a young aspiring actor Raj and his best friend Fateh, who hail from a village in Punjab. During their efforts to achieve their dreams they find themselves in hilarious situations that lead to a chain of unexpected events. One mishap after another leads them to posing as detectives, to film makers to what not, creating mayhem of confusion and laugh riots. But like true Jatts, they overcome all challenges and emerge as winners.

Movie Review : Some films are bad, some are boring and some are both – bad and boring. What The Jatt falls in the third category. Nothing goes in favour of the film, which is poorly scripted and badly edited.

It’s baffling to see the otherwise good actors like B.N. Sharma, Isha Rikhi perform so badly. Binnu Dhillon is decent in her small role as well as vipul kumar.Harish verma aha.. a fine actor but he is wasting himself in these kind of movies.Poonam Rajput is good.Want to mention here some words for isha rikhi ” She looks cubby in movie. she have to work hard if she want to survive in this industry ”

The longest one of course is this confounding flick itself. Sometimes, you wish filmmakers wrote their own reviews to enlighten us on exactly what they’ve made.

Debutant director (in Punjabi Cinema) Saket Behl tries everything to make u laugh but all in vain.

What The Jatt doesn’t even have single genuinely funny scene. Watch it if you want to test your ‘will’ power.

What the jatt is a waste of top actors.

What the jatt talks about a whole lot of other things – friendship, trust, Love and tolerance – but makes no sense at all.

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