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Movie Review : Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua

Director : Ksshitij Chaudhary

Starring ; Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Simi Chahal, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma

Special Appearance : Aditi Sharma

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Synopsis : Neeta and Mishri are residents of a small locality in a small town Bassi Pathana, but their inherited arrogance for being the kids of the two most eligible contenders of the local head of area is evident in their personalities and animosity that they have for each other. son of a cloth vendor and daughter of a sweet shop owner are always looking for opportunities to somehow malign the contender ship of the other.

Things go for a toss when the two fall in love each other and decide to run away, but soon find themselves penniless or demonetised. they return back as enemies but another trouble has struck the locality by now and the inner neighbourhood instinct trumps personal agendas and the whole community comes together to help each other out.

Movie Review :

Star Performances :

Harish Verma has again proved his acting ability in this film. Simi Chahal you will fall in love with her after watching this movie, Acting, expressions in each frame of movie are awesome.

Amrinder Gill picks up a role perhaps quite different from what he seems to be and plays it to perfection in every frame. He has huge fan following of him. He looks so innocent in this film & his acting is superb, if someone is not a fan of him after watching this film he will be.

Conflicting Chemistry of Jaswinder Bhalla & BN Sharma will keep you laugh till end of movie.

Direction, Editing and Screenplay :

The director (Ksshitij Chaudhary) strikes a fine balance between humour and emotion in this slice-of-marriage story.
Screenplay by Dheeraj Rattan of the movie has some flaws but it could be avoided in wholesome.Movie will give you the message, relations are above than money in beautiful picturisation of demonetisation.

Music : Jatinder Shah has given melodies music in movie as well as background music by him has added advantage to movie.

The Last Word : Overall GBBTB is a decent watch, It has laugh, emotions, excellent music & dialogues, Go & enjoy this masterpiece with your family & friends.

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