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Harbhajan Maan & Mandy Takhar coming together in Director Manmohan Singh’s next

The present day flourishing Punjabi Film Industry can track its roots back to the revitalization that took place in it in the year 2002, where the almost defunct industry was barely staying afloat and maintaining any meaningful relevance. In due reverence and commitment to the Punjabi language, identity and culture, Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Mann made a monumental decision and took a veritable risk in making the film “Jee Aayan Nu”, establishing the modern day Punjabi mm industry with an effort to provide the respect and credibility that the language and its mainstream cinema deserved. In all, this duo delivered an unprecedented five back to back blockbuster films, and opened up a path for Punjabi Cinema to not just become a force in the world of the Indian film industry, but also a formidable power in international film territories as well. Now, after 10 years, Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Mann are delighted to announce their cinematic reunion, teaming up for a brand new Punjabi film which will release in 2019. Directed by Manmohan Singh & produced by Sarang Films and HM Records, the film will feature Harbhajan Mann leading the star cast along with Mandy Takhar, Gurpreet Gughi, Rana Ranbir, Deep Dhillon and legendary artist Sardool Sikander. A film which has been overseen through a thoroughly creative process of writing and development, there is utmost excitement amongst the team to present this film to the worldwide Punjabi film watching audience. 
Sarang Films is a company led by Mr. Harvinder Saran and Mr. Darshan S. Rangi. The two gentlemen have a greatly distinguished background, where Mr. Saran has contributed years and tremendous efforts into the sports and educational development of the Punjabi youth through the Harvest International School and Harvest Tennis Academy in Jassowal-Kular. Mr. Rangi has built a greatly esteemed real estate empire in Canada where he is revered as an influential and leading business figure. Now, they are following a lifelong passion in wanting to expand their efforts into Punjabi cinema, as they believe that cinema is an uttermost powerful medium that can provide a positive influence towards the greater good of society. With this similarity and alignment with HM Records’ vision, who delivered the record-breaking album “Satrangi Peengh 3” in 2017, the team are inspired to combine and deliver the best possible quality and content in Punjabi cinema. 
There is a lot of enthusiasm, sincerity and optimism from notjust the team, but from the insiders and all members of the Punjabi Film Industry as well, that an extremely memorable and exciting new film is on its way. We look forward to sharing new information and details regarding the project very soon. 

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