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we are giving exact reasons : Why You Should Watch ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’

A biopic based on Mintu Gurusaria’s life : Dakuaan da munda is inspired by mintu gurusaria’s life, in his earlier days he was living a life where he used to have  drugs around him always &  fights, but at later stage how an incident took place & changed his life, that will be interesting to see in this movie. As it is based on real life of him, so it will be exciting to see all these on screen.

Dev Kharoud &  Jagjeet Sandhu :

Dev kharoud & jagjeet sandhu who are born actors, now they have huge fan following across Punjab & overseas too. Dev who is performing the role of mintu gurusaria in movie, has many shades in this character. It would be interesting how he will perform on screen as well as jagjeet sandhu, who is well known by name ‘BHOLA’. So we will see how he both have performed in the film, & it will be really a nice thing to see both of them on screen playing great characters.

The Director (Mandeep Benipal) :
Mandeep Benipal who is well known for his earlier movies like ekam,  sada haq &  yoddha, his style ofstory telling is amazing. He is a great director & it is so amazing that behind this different story the direction credit goest to Mandeep Benipal. Surely we gonna enjoy once again the good directed movie. Mandeep is also known for his great coordination with all the actors always so here also it would be great to see the nice chemistry in between everyone.

Music :
 Movies music has been loved by everyone & on the top of the charts now a days.Specially marzi de faisle, zindagi & payar
Very great thing to ad here that Sidhu moose wala is debuting in Punjabi cinema with his song ‘dollar’. Sidhu moose wala had already loved by everyone & is popular in youth, his song is always loved by everyone. So this is really like the  icing on the cake. Also this song dollar is Running #1 on trending

Team Behind (Dream Reality Movies) :

 Whole team behind this bio-pic who has already proved their work in Rupinder Gandhi 1 & 2, this time it`s a different attempt which has emotions, affection, friendship, revenge & realization  in wholesome. 

This film gonna leave great message to everyone, & specially for youth who are actually spoiling their life due to drugs & all. As this film has shown the transformation of a guy that how he saved his life by coming out of the druggy life & became a successful writer and journalist later on. Everyone should go & watch this movie.

Film also starring Pooja Verma, Kuljinder sidhu, Sukhdeep Sukh, Jagjeet sandhu (Rocky Mental Fame) & Anita Meet in Pivotal roles.

Omjee Group will release this movie internationally. 

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