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Dream Reality Movies announced two movies, titled as Kaka Ji & Untitled

After the grand success of Punjabi films “Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster…? in year 2015 and the sequel, “Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robinhood” in year 2017 and are ready with their third movie, “Dakkuan Da Munda”, which is the most awaited Punjabi film and which is releasing in the month of September 2017 which is in Post-Production right now. The Production Houses, Dream Reality Movies in association with Sky Productions is now all set to announce their fourth and fifth, Untitled Films, which will be released in February 2019 and September 2019. The films are almost planned to go on the floor soon this year.

The Production Houses along with its team of Producers, Ravneet Kaur Chahal, rajesh Kumar Arora and Vinod Bansal interacted with the Media to announce their Films and some interesting facts about these new films. They further added that the Fourth Film which would be releasing in the month of February 2019, it will be titled, “Kaka Ji” which will be a comic, family, action and a drama based film.

On this occasion, the Producers said, “We can’t reveal much about the stories of both the films at the moment but as we have made two biopics and the third is ready to be released on 7th of September, 2018, we will be able to say this much that the both the films can be a mixture or blend of both as one can be on a real story, may be, and the second one which will be releasing in September 2019 can be a comedy or a fiction but will be a surprise package for the audience as well as the Punjabi Film Industry too. We can assure that the films will surely make a mark just like our last projects, “Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster…? And “Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robinhood” and of course the third, “Dakkuan Da Munda”, which is talk of the town and of course the much-awaited film too. The Producers further added that one of movie will be Directed by Mandeep Benipal with Dev Kharoud in the lead role and the second one will also be revealed soon with lot of surprise elements as we believe film-making is the greatest art and there is an unlimited scope of experiment and innovation, so we ready and confident to be a part of this Project.

The team further added, “We are very happy to announce these projects and look forward for something good in Punjabi cinema and further added that we can assure the audience that our Production House will keep its audiences a good cinema and memorable cinema which they can watch with their families and can enjoy to the fullest.

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