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Quick Chit Chat with Very Talented & beautiful Actress Pooja Verma

We had a really good time for a quick chit chat with very talented & beautiful Pooja Verma.  So here comes the list of that chit chat

We Would really love to know about your previous projects

Pooja-  Punjabi film baaz , Moga to Melbourne , 22g tussi ghaint ho, South film -Cleopatra.Tv serial -Mahesh bhatt’s Naamkaran. 1000 plus Tv and Print ads.Punjabi music video Jindey ni jindey kamal heer, Haye Mera Dil honey Singh RAATAN Garry sandhu Motiyaa SATINDER sartaaj Kangnaa Preet harpal LADEYA na kar Sonu kakkar Suitcase jinder deol

Why acting ?

Well, It was never planned. As a kid I was very studious types. 
Dream since Your childhood ?
I have always been interested in sports and was captain of basket ball team in my school..someone noticed me when I was working with a company and journey into world of modelling and movies began. So it was a destiny to begin with  but now acting is my passion .
The most memorable time or moment in your career Yet to come.

Who have supported your throughout this journey so far

My family
 Your currrent projects 

Working on a web series. 
If not acting then ?

Cant really think about  anything else . But ya I love to sing , so may be a singer


Your experience during the shoot of daakuaan da Munda

It was super experience working with this great team starting from producers , director, cast ,writer and everyone else . I was a privilege to be a part of such an inspirational film.  

Your future plans , Where you want to see yourself after 5 years down the line
I don’t plan long term. I don’t know where future will take me. As of now I’m happy with what I’m doing. I take things as it comes.I just want to do good quality work.

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