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Judge Singh LLB : Movie Review

Director : Atharv Baluja

Starring : Ravinder Grewal, Chandan Prabhakar, BN Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Surbhi Mahendru, Harpal Singh, Anita Devagan, Hardeep Gill and Prajesh Kapil

Special Appearance : Bali Riar

Run Time : 2 Hours 17 Minutes

Synopsis : Judge Singh LLB is a riveting court room drama film. In order to protect his son and his reputation, a politician uses his influence to frame a middle class boy in a murder actually committed by his son.

The middle class boys mother is shocked, clueless and doesnt have enough money to hire a good and trustworthy lawyer. Through one of her acquaintances, they come across a lawyer who will take their case for free. Little do they know that the lawyer doesnt hold any experience but only a degree. This poses a challenge for the inexperienced lawyer who not only has to appear in court for the first time but also save the life of an innocent person

Movie Review : This is director ” Atharav Baluja’s ” next after ” Raula Pay Gaya ” which was also with ‘ Ravinder Grewal’. This movie is a court room drama.Second half of movie will force you to stuck to their seats.

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