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White Hill Studios is releasing Bodh (A Short Film) very soon : Watch Teaser

White Hill Studios’ Bodh is a Short Film which breaks all the social chains that stop us from moving ahead and growing as a liberal society. It tells the story of a Deputy Commissioner, Sushil who rediscovers himself after facing oppression and Casteism in the past by a goon “Chajju.” He gets surrounded by the same things again only to realize that it was always “he” who had all the stigmas stuck in the head.

Bodh depicts the emotional complications and the existence of estranged relationships because of personal biases. It makes an attempt to curb them and move towards a progressive way of living. The lead actor of the film Manav Vij is super excited about Bodh. After having a successful career in films and shows, Manav is working with White Hill again after Punjab 1984.

“Bodh is an extremely special film for me as I don’t believe in disparity, but equality. It promotes awakening and triggers a thought in people’s mind for a change, a change for a better society. I wanted this message to reach every corner possible and that’s what we’re aiming for with this film,” exclaimed Manav, while talking about the film.

Directed by Canada based Director Sohrab Sandhu, Bodh explores the deeply carved favoritism that surrounds us. “Bodh is the first film that I’ve shot in India. It deals with a caste based issue and the kind of problems society is facing because of it. The story revolves around biases and the things we hear from others which makes us take certain steps. The main theme is the exploration of those biases and how we are entirely wrong when it comes to dealing with them,” said Sohrab.

When asked about any particular message that he wishes to deliver through the film, Sohrab was quick to say, “Humanity doesn’t believe in breaking people into segments, everyone should be treated equally and without any prejudices. One should go out, meet people, learn and explore as much as possible because life’s too short to have any biases.”

Bodh will be screened at various film festivals around the globe before releasing for a wider audience across Digital Platforms. Here is the Trailer of the Short Film:


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