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The team of Dushman (Punjab Movie) spreads the message of dosti across Punjab

Famous bollywood film-maker Mahesh Bhatt’s first ever Punjabi movie titled Dushman’s director Shagufta Rafique, producer Vinay Bhardwaj,  actors Sakshi Gulati, Jashan Singh and Kartaar Cheema reached Lovely Professional University (LPU) today. LPU students of Film & TV Production, Mass Communication, Performing Arts and Journalism & Film Production got versatile tips about plot making; story, script & dialogues writing; direction; acting; and, cinematography. Visiting debutant director ‘Shagufta’, who has already written screenplays and dialogues for 11 hit Hindi films, shared all about the plot of the film ‘Dushman’ which is to unfold a new chapter of friendship between people of India and Pakistan. Producer Vinay Bhardwaj and actors in lead roles Sakshi Gulati, Jashan Singh and Kartaar Cheema also interacted with LPU students. Sakshi shared that she has depicted personal hard life of the director in the film.

Famous writer of Hindi films including Aashiqui 2, Raaz3 , Jannat2, Murder 2 and more, Shagufta informed that it is her first film as a director. She is associated with the Bhatts as a writer, and is presently working for her directorial debut. She expects much from this project, which is based on bringing more cordial and closer relations of understanding among people of two arch rival countries- India & Pakistan. She shared: “Indo-Pak relationship is a topic which brings pain in the hearts of people of both the countries. Everyone, on both the sides, wishes to see India and Pakistan as friendly neighbours. This movie is an attempt to improve sentiments between the two countries, which is indirectly based on Indo-Pak relationship. We hope ‘Dushman’ will bring people of both the countries closer and unfold a new chapter of friendship.” Taking examples of great heroes of bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Rajesh Khanna, She inspired students never to give up to realize their dreams. Illustrating her painful life in her teens, she asked all to keep on smiling under all conditions however painful these may be.

Sharing about the plot of the film, she informed the students: “‘Dushman’ is a path breaking and brave tale of love, hate, brotherhood and friendship of an Indian and a Pakistani. As per my story line a young Indian loses his entire family in a brutal terror attack planned by Pakistani terrorists.  Sorrow ridden he travels to a foreign land for a job in a hotel, where he meets another employee-a Pakistani. In spite of all hate and anger, Indian is forced to live with Pakistani, who later proves out to be his only friend philosopher and savior.” She also added that she has been working on this film for the past four to five years. Interacting with LPU students, Punjabi actors Jashan Singh and Kartaar Cheema also shared important tips about acting, dialogue delivery and other valuable aspects of film-making.

On the other hand, Vinay Bhardwaj, the producer of Dushman is excited about the film that has already managed to create noise in Punjab and Bollywood too. “It was such a pleasure to see even a big name of Bollywood film industry, Sonu Nigam and Ankit Tiwari tweeting about the film and its song.” It also for the first time that a producer, Vinay has been able to place the highly pious and religious places Nankana Sahib and Harminder Sahib on the film poster. Vinay along with the entire cast have been traveling throughout Punjab promoting the film.

Kartar Cheema who plays an important character in the film along with Punjabi singer-actor Jashan Singh feels that the audience might forget my name after the film but they will not forget the character I play.”

LPU students of Journalism, Animation, Film & Television Production departments, Shobhit Tripathi, Avantika Kaushik, Radhe Thakur, Gurwinder Cheema,  shared: “We feel lucky to interact with the director and stars of great film production banner of Mahesh Bhatt, which has provided us much insight upon the works related to our curriculum and allied activities. We feel that this can only be at LPU where students of each and every department are provided hands on experiences out of their class-rooms also. We have already met many other great stars, producers, technicians, directors from Bollywood, Pollywood & Tollywood at LPU campus to enhance our knowledge in practical form through such precious visits.”


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