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Singer-actor Gurdas Maan in food business, to launch restaurant brand

Punjabi singer-actor Gurdas Maan has partnered with Delhi-based Now Capital firm to launch a restaurant brand ‘The Studio – by Gurdas Maan’. It will highlight both culinary and performing arts, providing a fine-dining experience combined with especially produced and curated live musical performances.

The menu will highlight Punjabi cooking through a ‘farm to fork’ approach. The music will range from live improvised collaborations between established artistes promoting the organic and natural feel of live music, to planned musical-theatre productions that will feature new and upcoming talent.

“Through my years of recording, performing and travelling, I have been blessed to meet talent from various cultures and backgrounds. I have always wanted to provide a platform to groom, mentor and promote those dedicated to arts,” Gurdas said in a statement.


“And throughout my journey, I have always wanted to share with the world — my cherished childhood memories of the fresh food of the farms in Punjab and the wonderful experiences of newer takes on Indian food I’ve enjoyed around the globe.”

Sahil Baweja, founder and partner, Now Capital, added that they plan to open the flagship restaurant in the first quarter of 2017 and establish the brand across Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab and Mumbai before entering international markets.

Maan believes that to create a complete dining experience all senses must be engaged — “and music helps achieve this. The Studio is the perfect coalescence of my two dreams — creating a perfect place to celebrate food and music”. Gurdas and the restaurant brand’s media partners will do a nationwide talent hunt.

The final selected few will be guided by him and his team. The artistes will be given a chance to perform on the stage at the flagship restaurant and will receive help in recording and launching their album.

Tushar Gulati, partner, Now Capital, said: “Along with the music, we are spending a lot of time and resources on developing a rare high quality food menu featuring freshly ground flour, in-house churned butter and farm fresh produce. Each dish has its own origin story — be it the chilli chicken from the hinterlands of Punjab, the famous Amritsari chhole or the fusion rice pudding from London — giving each dish heart and depth.”

Source : HT

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