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Roshan Prince – Definitely the versatile one!

Roshan Price started the journey of his career with music in 2006. With many groovy chartbusters to his credit, Prince steered his way into Punjabi film industry with his first film Lagda hai ishq hogeya where he played Prince Grewal. He essayed the role of a ‘sidha sadha’ lover in Naughty Jatts. His dreamy image in the movie swooned girls and the gabbru heartthrob was an instant favourite. Then, he went on to portray a struggling actor in Fer
Mamla Gadbad Gadbad with such élan that we till date remember the hardships of Jassi.

Roshan japjiAmong many, his most memorable role was of his transformation into a sardar in Kripaan.Prince has portrayed many diverse roles including a dumb character in Ishq Brandy,dominating competitor in Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin, rustic villager boy in Main Teri Tu Mera. All his characters have had some kind of personality trait that was different in every movie, including mannerisms, accents and voice modulation. Portraying different roles in all movies one after the other was a valiant move as it takes a lot to get attuned to play a particular character then come out of it and play a completely different role in your next.

PrincePrince has definitely carved a corner for himself and is successful in not typecasting himself in similar roles. Roshan Prince has transcended the boundaries of playing different roles and his versatility is what sets him apart from his contemporaries. He is playing a boxer in his next – Aatishbazi Ishq.

Watch Teser – Aatishbaazi Ishq


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