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Punjabigrooves exclusive : In Review First half of (2018) | Punjabi Cinema

In this Era of Movies world lets just look back for a while. Well till now (End of June 2018) 19 films have been released. Few made their names in the audience heart but few obviously couldn’t make up to the expectations of audience.Well this is right every movie can’t be hit.

Can’t stop talking about Harish Verma here. He was not having some good career history from past few months. His some last released were totally disasters. But someone said when you work hard you get paid off very well. So his Golak Bugni movie did really wonder for him. This movie has touched so many hearts & did very well on the box office. This movie was under the banner of rhythm boys.

Few movies like Laung Laachi, Daana Paani, Sajjan Singh Rangroot & harjeeta.. These movies were also good. Got good response from critics & audience as well. But couldn’t make good collection on box office unfortunately.  despite the hard work of team these were unable to make good numbers. Well this happens in this industry. We can’t help it.

Mega starrer “Subedar Joginder Singh” which didn’t work at box office, almost completely rejected by the audience. Reason of audience’s rejection yet would a point of thinking from the makers of movie

So here comes a name of one Animated Movie “Bhai Taru Singh”. it has also released in first half of this year. & it was the same movie which came few years ago in DVD/VCD format. Well Producer thought the audience will enjoy & wont be able to come to know about this. Well their trick was to take advantage of audience emotion’s. But this movie was totally failed, as the Quality of the Movie was not up to the mark & on the top of it they have attached some scenes from the previous released movie. So obviously the outcome they get is Movie didn’t do any number on Box Office.

Well there were few names Like Delhi to Lahore, Saggi Phull, Udeek. we even didn’t come to know when they were up in the Cinemas & then just got disappeared. Unfortunately these were those from which we were expecting too much but they were unable to prove their presence.

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