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Punjabi Grooves eXclusive : Things You Never Knew About “Shadab Siddiqui”

We exclusively asked the actor about his plans on doing films , here’s what he said:

1. Why Film Industry.

Since childhood I always used to watch movies every time I used to get time whether it is Hindi or English. So that was When I actually grew interest in movies I had no clue that I would be part of the Bollywood industry at this young age.
To be honest I am just 8TH standard pass I didn’t even complete my graduation it was by God’s grace only that led me to enter in this Bollywood industry.

2. What about your struggle in the Past. anything you would like to share ? Any unforgettable moments ?

Yes i also worked as a carpenter at a young age. I used to sit in front of my TV every Saturday Sunday & used to go and watch movies by saving my salary and my money whichever I used to earn while working as a carpenter in Mumbai. So these things i can never forget. makes me happy too when i look back.

3. Anybody who helped you to enter in this Industry.

I met a friend so he told me he walks in Bollywood maybe that time he was lying or not but he was the part of the production team and he took me to a shoot so that was a time when I was like oh my God this is the light which I want cameras lights people surrounded by me. I was into production and making contacts struggling . C Contacts is , what brought me into Bollywood

4. May i please know about your current projects.

I’m working on a short film “the color of my blood test” name of the short film which I’m working on right now I have made a lot of short films and I have many Concepts and ideas in my mind but the only problem i face to get the producers, as they want someone very experienced not so new.

5. Cab you put more light on your current short film.

Well it’s on the Hindu Muslim.I guess people would really want this type of short film. looking at the current scenarios and and the things which are going inside the market all in the livelihood of people because of all this politician how to divide people in name of religion .I really want short film to reach people and not just on YouTube or NSYNC Silver Screen no signal screen. and I want to share a message Allah Ram Rahim it’s one and whats matters is humanity only.

6. What about your future plans ?

Actually content driven movies ONLY.
I don’t think at this point Shah Rukh Salman or Akshay Kumar would like to work with me at this young age and if you want to make movies in terms of Blockbuster Bollywood you need to have this tree names in your list

7. Your biggest dream .

To be honest until I would like to work with Amir khan one day in my life because he’s the one who I appreciate the way he works, HIS hard work and everything the way he IS. I would really like to work with hiM one day.

8. Who have supported you throughout in this journey of your struggle.

यह बात मैं हिंदी में कहना चाहूंगा अगर मुझे मेरे स्ट्रगल के journey में किसने सबसे ज्यादा सपोर्ट किया है तो वह मेरी मेहनत और मेरा लगन

9. So before wrapping up this interview, one more question, the memorable moment of your life.

this is actually funny the most memorable moment of my life all the most desirable moment I would say it’s is giving an interview to a journalist for the 1st time and it is till date the best feeling I get 😎

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