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Movie Review : Tiger (Punjabi Movie)

Director : Sartaj Singh Pannu

Starring : Sippy Gill, Yashpal Sharma, Yograj Singh & Ihana Dhillon

Run Time : 136 Minutes

Synopsis : The story of the film revolves around how the boy, on returning from jail uses a unique set of skills learnt during his incarceration, to inflict revenge on the people who ruined his life.

Movie Review : Sippy Gill starts on a pretty hopeful note.But, haven’t you heard what people say about hope? That it is like a cloud; it either passes by or brings rain. And this one leaves us gaping at the screen, wondering what is going on.

Tiger sets out to deal with the issue of drugs in Punjab, which we assume would be the storyline. But as always, we had gone too far in our positive assumption, because drugs was only a bait for the audience to develop interest in the film, Tiger actually is all about Tiger, in a way the film can be called Tiger Da Badla!
The film is shot in abandoned houses and godowns, giving it a ‘garage look’ and also providing Tiger ample space to prowl. While watching the film, you’d more than once, find yourself asking some very basic questions—If Tiger
(Sippy Gill), known as Vakeel in the film, had studied law inside jail for 15 years? Where did all the knowledge go when he was out? Tiger is thrown behind the bars for peddling in drugs, he comes out, and catches a consignment for drugs, and thereafter in the entire film you don’t sniff a single mention of drugs?
Tiger, unlike its name, moves at a painstaking speed. You want the Tiger (Sippy Gill) to kill whomsoever he wants to, take his badla and return home. Ah! Well, talking about returning home, the last scene of Tiger
is pulled, the official word is inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s Chak De India. How?
C’mon, now we’ve given you a reason to watch Tiger! Since, Tiger is all about Sippy Gill; this Tiger does look dashing . Since Tiger is the king of the jungle, you only expect him to roar! The film however, has an interesting character, played by Yashpal Sharma, the only saving grace of the film. The film stars Yograj Singh too, and also Ihana Dhillon.
Ihana by the way, does no harm to the film, limited dialogues and designer dresses; this is her role in the movie. Waise bhi sher ko shikar karne ke liye sherni ki zarrurat nahi hoti. The music of the fim is not bad as well bgn by salil amrute is upto mark.

Final words : This Tiger is definitely on a hunt, we suggest…Run for your life!
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