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Movie Review : Super Singh (Diljit Dosanjh)

Director : Anurag Singh

Starring : Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa

Run Time : 155 Minutes

Ratings : ** (2/5)

Synopsis : Super Singh is a comedic romantic story about a carefree village boy from Punjab, now living in Montreal Canada, whose life changes after he unknowingly gains super powers. This discovery leads him on a journey to uncover the true meaning of love, life, courage, and above all, his true inner self and his role in the world!

Movie Review :

Performances : Diljt Dosanjh is undoubtedly the star which is favourite of all age group’s. As super hero  he will entertain you  some how, Sonam Bajwa Looks stunning in western outfits her acting is much better than her earlier released films. Pavan Malhota as Religious Preacher has gone good job.                                 

Direction & Screenplay : Director Anurag Singh, whose last film Punjab 1984 proved to be a Box-Office winner, does a decent job with Super Singh, but the tacky VFX and weak screenplay overpowers the film’s ‘direction’ (quite literally!) film’s first half is pretty interesting, humorous and gripping, the film’s second half loses track, and turns too preachy regarding environment and religion. Story is predictable from beginning.

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Music : Besides the chart-buster track ‘Hawa Vich’, the film’s music (Jatinder Shah) is just about passable and has limited scope in the film. On the other hand, the film’s background score (Raju Singh) is impressive and enhances the film’s narrative very effectively. With the film’s choreography resting on the shoulders of the talented Anshul Chobey, it’s no wonder that the film’s choreography is bang on and extremely impressive.

Final Words : Super Singh is meant for kids. If grown-ups don’t mind doing the fabled “leave the brain outside the home and enjoy” routine before stepping into the theatre, they will not mind A Super Singh.


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