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Movie Review : Sarvann (Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa & Simi Chahal)

Starring : Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Simi Chahal, Guemeet Sajan, Seema Kausal & Amberdeep

Director : Karaan Guliani

Synopsis : Sarvann is a coming-of-age story about a young NRI who returns to India to connect with his roots, and how this young man unknowingly discovers his identity through this life-changing journey.

Movie Review : Sarvann is a story of a common man who adopt wrong way to fulfil his dreams later he realise he was on wrong track.

Star Performances : Amrinder Gill in role of Mithu again showed that what a fine actor he is,  he falls in love with Paali (Simi Chahal) when he reaches india from canada. The sequences involving Mithu and Paali’s family are thoroughly enjoyable. The scene just before the interval, when Mithu calls his mother in Canada, is a brilliant piece of writing, acting, and direction.

Simi Chahal : Simi again proved that when audience love to see her on screen. Her acting, dialogue deliver & expressions are treat to watch! Long way to go Simi!

Ranjit Bawa : Impressive debut by Ranjit Bawa in Punjab Films as Amrik Singh, The role of school teacher very well executed by him. He looks bit camera shy but his comic timing is excellent.

In Supporting roles Gurmeet Sajan, Seema Kushan specially amberdeep is excellent with his role. In short role ‘Sardar Sohi’ is good.

Screen Play & Direction : Idea of Karaan Guliani very well executed by Amberdeep .Sarvann has been directed by the first-timer Karaan Guliani, who makes quite an impression. He is a skilled storyteller. He chooses a story that many Punjabis in India and Canada can easily relate to, and that’s where he scores. Writer Amberdeep Singh is one of the most talented writers in Punjabi industry. His alliance with Amrinder Gill has worked wonders in the past and he yet again manages to pull off the director’s concept brilliantly.

Music : Music by Jatinder Shah is completely in sync with the mood of the film. Pyaar taan jata laende and Asin dishaheen are soulful compositions.

Final Words :  Sarvann is one of the better films made in the Recent time of Punjabi film industry, Which will surely entertain you. Go watch it with your family & Make your Lohri Memorable with ‘ Sarvann’.


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