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Movie Review : Rupinder Gandhi 2 : The Robinhood

Director : Avtar Singh

Starring : Dev Kharoud, Jagjeet Sandhu, Saanvi Dhiman, Kajal Bahal, Lucky, Simran Sehajpal, Tasrsem Paul & Others

Special Appereance : Sukhdeep sukh

Synopsis : A man of honor and pride, Sarpanch Rupinder Singh Gandhi changes the course of his life when his friends make some decisions which gets them on the wrong side of the law.

Movie Review :

Rupinder Gandhi 2 is the sequal of 2015’s blockbuster hit “Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster…?”, The Story revolves around Rupinder sarpanch & the circumstances which he had faced during his life & a bit presentation of happenings after his death”

Star Performances :

Dev Kharoud who came in limelight after “Rupinder Gandhi (First Installment)” is in the main lead. He can act he has proved it in part one as well. In this movie he has proved himself again with controlled dialogue delivery, expressions of aggression & emotions. He lived the character of Rupinder Gandhi very lively on the screen. He comes out like an star from this movie.

Jagjeet Sandhu, WOW !!! what a fine actor he is, he already has achieved his own fan following from part one & from his last release “Rocky Mental”. He has a long way to go in punjabi cinema.

Saanvi Dhiman, who has a resemblance of Kriti Senon has delivered a fine performance in this movie. The character she has played (Moge Wali Vellan) was not an east task to perform on screen, but she acted well & her expressions are a treat to watch. Debutant ‘Kajal Behal’ is also a kind of ok in her role.

Luckey Dhaliwal is good at his part. Tarsem Pahul in character of minister has delivered a class performance,  Sanjeev Rai in role of “Bhalwan” who will force you to hate like anything about the character he has payed on screen.

At climax character of rupinder’s brother played by Sukhdeep Sukh is also the fine presentation of action & expression.

Direction & Screenplay :

Director Avtar Singh ‘Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya Fame’ has done commendable job with direction. Ground was already created by part one, he just had to play on ground & he played it well with the characters.

Screenplay of the movie is engaging. It will keep you glued in your seats till the end.

Music & Background :

Music of the movie is already on top of charts specially ” Jigri Yaar (Angrej Ali)”, “Be khauff Jatt (Veet Baljit) & “SIVA” by Nacchattar Gill which will bring tears in your eyes at climax.

Background by salil amrute enhances the movie to different level, it reminds you the cult hits like “Chak De India” & “Dhoom” etc.

Final Words : Rupinder Gandhi 2 is an complete masala entertainer with fine performance’s by all character’s.Go & watch in cinemas near you.






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