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Movie Review : Needhi Singh (Punjabi Movie – 2016)

Director : Jaivi Dhanda

Starring : Kulraj Randhawa, Ashish Duggal, Aman Sutdar, Nirmal Rishi

Special Appearance(s) : Gurdas Maan & Drishti Grewal

Ratings : ** (2/5)

Synopsis : This film tells the story of a girl who lives in a village where it is a curse for a girl to be young. Most of the girls who are young are sexually abused. Needhi Singh raises her voice against the brutality of uncivilized people and fights hard to bring justice for her friend.

Movie Review : Kulraj Randhawa (Dimple Girl) is back after long gap on silver screen with ‘ Needhi Singh ‘ . In movie she raises her voice against her friend`s rape by renowned politician’s brother (Aman Sutdhar) .

Star Performances :  Kulraj Randhawa steels show with her action from the very beginning till climax of movie. What an fine actrees she is, You can watch her performance in this movie.

Aman Sutdhar as lally would impress you also with his acting & stunning aggression expressions. Ashish Duggal in ole of sarpanch/MLA is also impressive

In short role Nirmal Rishi has done decent acting, Gurdass Maan in special appearance will  give you surprise in movie.

Movie also has Drishti Grewal ( AKS Amann Grewal) in a item song.

Screenplay & Direction : Screenplay could..could be better than this. Movie is very predictable from the beginning till climax. Jaivi Dhanda as director has done commendable job although film has some technical flaws.

  • When Kulraj enters in police station the cop’s alone in police station there was no establishment of that scene
  • In climax when needhi singh put high voltage cable on water, after some seconds that goons again chase her again.. O common you can’t fool audience
  • I think in movie Needhi Singh has subscribed to unlimited bullets in her gun ..
  • You couldn’t come to know about villagers till end that they are on needhi singh’s side or at sarpanch’s side.

Music & Background : Music of the movie is strictly ok. BGM by Salil Amrute take the film to next level

Final Words : Overall this movie could be better, You can watch this movie for only & Only ‘ KULRAJ RANDHWA ‘




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