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Movie Review : Harjeeta (Ammy Virk, Punjabi Movie)

Director : Vijay Kumar Arora

Starring : Ammy Virk, Sawan Rupowali, Sameep Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, Raj Jhinjer, Parkash Gadu & Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu

Ratings : **** (4/5)

Run Time : 2 Hour 9 Minutes

What’s Good: engaging story & screenplay, outstanding performances by all actors specially Ammy Virk

What’s Bad: Nothing

Watch or Not?  In over more than two hours, the film manages to to patch up its hovels and vindicate the negatives quite effortlessly. Goes without saying that Rajiv quite succeeds in sending us home with many heartfelt laughs and an extensively enjoyable time.The pulsating chemistry of Amrinder and Sargun makes this one a hard to miss indulgence of sorts!

Synopsis : ‘Harjeeta’ is based on the remarkable true story of a underdog, who overcomes his circumstances, fights against all odds and at the end, come out as a winner.His family, like so many families in this country were struggling with the biggest problem of our nation, poverty. Father being a driver and mother a domestic help, there was days, when they had just enough for hand to mouth, but there were more days, when they didn’t have enough for that much too.

Yeah, this boy from a humble background, who was dumped by his love interest, just because he didn’t have the cup at home, to serve the tea, went ahead and won the world cup for India. Indeed, from living that deep in hole, to rise above and flying high in the sky, this journey is about Harjeet Singh, an Indian professional field hockey player, who
captained the Indian squad at the 2016 Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup, that went unbeaten throughout the tournament, eventually winning an Gold medal, after 15 years. In that process, India also became the first host nation to win the Junior World Cup.

It’s a fact, any game, needs legend in each era. Finally, This win has given us one such and that’s why this story of a real hero, is need to be told, need to make available to each corner of Punjab and India, to motivate the next generation, to bring back the kids to the hockey field

Movie Review :

Star Performances :

Ammy Virk picks up a role perhaps quite different from what he seems to be and plays it to perfection in every frame. It is quite a challenge for an actor to master what isn’t his forte and Ammy is genuinely flawless in this role.

Sawan Sawan Rupowali has delivered extremely good performance in this movie, many more are yet to come girl!!

In child role of Harjeeta ‘samdeep singh’ steals the show with his innocence expressions.From beginning of movie till 15 Minutes you cant even think about anything else except him!!

Gurpreet Banghu in role of harjeeta’s mother is outstanding, as well as parkash Gadu.

Raj singh Jhinger a theatre based actor was also decent.

Pankaj Tripathi, what a powerful performance by him as coach, his on screen boundation with ammy is amazing.

Music & Background : Music by Gurmeet Singh is class apart, specially Kinna Pyar, Chann di Chawani for the long time to remember, Background by Raju Singh lifts the movie to next level.

 Direction, Editing and Screenplay

The director (Vijay Kumar Arora) strikes a fine balance between struggle and emotion in this story, inspired from like of ‘Harjeet Singh, Tuli’

His direction is appreciable, specially Mother-Son emotions are well picturised. To portray a life of a person is not an easy task, but vijay has performed this with his excellence.

Screenplay is very gripping it will keep you engaged on screen till climax of movie.

Editing is also at par excellence.

Last Words : Harjeeta is an next level attempt in pujabi cinema. You will stick to the emotions, feel of victory after watching this movie. watch this movie with your family over this weekend! Geniuenly Recommended!!


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