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Movie Making is My Passion : Daljit Singh Thind

We are used to seeing big name Producers in the film industry but there has always been uncertainty as to what the role actually involves. A film producer is a person who oversees the production of a film. Traditionally, the producer’s job has been to bring together the talent , actors, director, selecting the script; coordinating writing and editing; and arranging financing, and so on) with the script and content they believe will engage an audience, then bring this complete talented package to the audience. But like many career paths these days, technology and the saturation of markets have caused the role of the producer to change.

Today we will know one such Producer, who has earned name and fame all across. We will talk about Daljit Singh Thind, who is renowned for his accomplishments as a businessman, philanthropist, and supporter of the arts, who hails from a village Rachian, Ludhiana, Daljit graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rohtak. He had intended to work as a Pharmacist, but when he immigrated to Canada in 1993 Daljit turned his attention to real estate and raised his “Thind Properties” to a big level. He is the most talked about Industrialist of Canada who happens to be one of the biggest property developers in Vancouver.

So the above mentioned information was about his establishment as a businessman. But now we will talk about his another journey of becoming a Film Producer. Daljit Singh Thind was a silent Co-Producer in highly successful Punjabi Films like, Punjab 1984, Sardarji 1 n 2 and Channa Mereya. And when asked about his experience as a Co-Producer, he said, “As a Co-Producer, one always has some limitations when it comes to one’s say in the creative process of filmmaking, so I thought of entering into the industry with my own Production House by the name of Dalmora Films Pvt. Ltd. under which I am Producing a Punjabi Film, “Munda Faridkotia” which is scheduled to be released on 14th June, 2019.

We asked about how did “Munda Faridkotia” happened. He replied, “The Director, Mandeep Singh Chahal, narrated the script, and I found the story so fresh and close-to-heart that I instantly decided to Produce it under my Production House and started working on the casting and all”. We asked him to tell us about the story of the film a bit to which he replied that the film is a journey of an innocent boy from who believs in God earnestly and is determined to stay in his motherl;ad, Punjab in Faridkot and do something here only”. He said he will not be able to reveal the whole story at the moment but will let us know the starcast of the film which includes Roshan Prince, Sharan Kaur, Navpreet Banga, Mukul Dev, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurmeet Sajan, Lucky Dhaliwal, Rupinder Rupi, Ekta Sharma, Poonam Sood and Deepali.

When asked if he is happy about the final outcome of the film, “The Film is ready to release now. Though I was in Canada when its shoot was being done but I was constantly in touch with the team who used to send me the pictures and videos of the shoot on the regular basis. I am very much satisfied with the this project and I am very sure that the audience will love the film and its music too”.

We wish luck to Daljit Singh Thind for his maiden venture and we hope that his Production House, Dalmora Films Pvt. Ltd. Will bring more interesting films for its audience.

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