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Jindua ( Jimmy, Neeru & Sargun) Movie Review

Director : Navanait Singh

Starring : Jimmy Sheirgill, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta & Rajiv Thakur

Run Time :

Synopsis : Jindua is a gripping love triangle involving Karma (Jimmy Sheirgill), Eesh (Neeru Bajwa) and Saghi (Sargun Mehta). Eesh is an independent, music loving girl. Karma and Saghi are in love with each other but a chance encounter brings Eesh into Karma’s life. Will Karma and Saghi’s love survive or will Eesh win over Karma?

Movie Review : After critically acclaimed & well promoted ‘Shareek’ same team is back with ‘Jindia’ with something new to offer?

Screenplay & Direction : First half of the movie is not upto the marks, it drags in bits. Seconds half is engaging with emotions, power packed performances. Screenplay could be better than this. Jindua picks many issues of people who wants to go to abroad or living in abroad, but no solution of any issue in end??

Now comes to direction, Navanait Singh has tried to something new, which is appreciable. His direction is good in term of marks.

Star Performances : Jimmy Shergill, O common man, why you doing like this in punjabi cinema, In bollywood your performances are always treat to watch, even a short performance in ‘ Bang Bang ‘ stunned the audience. But in this movie almost NO Expressions. Punjabi cinema needs same level performances from you like you have delivered in bollywood.

Neeru Bajwa – In this age she looks pretty too n her expressions are always a treat to watch, same in ‘jindua’ too.

Sargun Mehta – What a brilliance actress she is, She steals the show with her expressions, dialogue delivery & her voice omg!!

Rajiv Thakur – Rajiv in role of Jimmmy’s friend has done brilliant job

Music : Specially track ‘Dholna’ is a class, rest of the songs are also somehow decent.

Worse part of the movie is it`s background, It suddenly appears then suddenly disappears. O , common You are making a beautiful love story at least keep the background soft, In movie it would fell like you are watching any’ James Bond’ Movie.

Final Words – Overall, Jindua is an nice attempt. It could be better than this but still it`s entertaining.


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