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Official PosterIDIOT BOYS,  hitting the screens on Sept. 26th, 2014.


Captab Entertainments
YashRaj Mittal Films


Prof. P.S Nirola

Starring :
Meet Surmeet, played by debutant Surmeet
Gaurav Goyal, played by debutant Rammi Mittal
Mahi, played by debutant Diljott

Darshan Aulakh
Kake Shah
Amritpal Billa
Amritpal Chotu
& Rama Vij (in a friendly appearance)

IDIOT BOYS shows us through light and emotional moments that how good-hearted guys under the wrong influences loose direction and end up doing idiotic things they would not have done in the first place.

MEET SURMEET and GAURAV GOYAL (GG) are sons of two contesting politicians. Even though they are way past their student age, they are still enrolled in their area’s biggest professional college to gather votes for their parents. Election fever is on and Surmeet and GG are campaigning against each other. In the meantime both see MAHI (an N.R.I. girl from Canada) who is studying Law in the same college and get smitten by her.

Surmeet and GG try to woo Mahi in their own silly ways but she does not take their advances seriously. Instead she interacts with them as classmates in today’s age would. Surmeet and GG consider Mahi’s interaction as an advance towards them and think that Mahi is interested in having a relationship.

At a party, both Surmeet and GG approach Mahi and cross the level of decency with her. Mahi rebukes both in public, leaving them feeling insulted and frustrated. Meanwhile, both Surmeet’s and GG’s parents loose the elections and they now unite to “teach Mahi a lesson”.

Surmeet and Gaurav are not bad by heart but taking wrong advice from others and under bad influences do things that put their and Mahi’s life on a roller coaster ride!


Captab Entertainments is a film production company, which has jointly produced its first Punjabi feature film, Idiot Boys. RAMANDEEP SINGH who primarily is a pharma industrialist heads the company. The company aims to release back to back Punjabi films, intensively focusing upon subjects, which are entertaining and inspiring, both.


Yash Raj Mittal Films is headed by MANISH MITTAL. The production company has jointly produced its first Punjabi feature film, Idiot Boys.

A management graduate from BITS, Pilani and a former marketing expert, Anandd is a young film director from Chandigarh, who left a fulfilling job in an MNC and head started towards exploring and establishing his film career.

He realized his interest towards filmmaking at a very later stage. Alongside his marketing career, Anandd spent good time in researching on subjects of social importance, which he later transformed into Documentary & Corporate films and honed his story-telling skills.

In March 2012, Anandd decided to say good-bye to Delhi and his job. He packed his bags and landed in Chandigarh to understand the Film making business to the core and offer a total professional approach of filmmaking to film producers. Anandd then got a chance to direct his first feature film, “Idiot Boys”.

He is a thorough professional who believes in carefully and intelligently weaving a story that results in entertaining the audience and leaving a lasting impression in their hearts.
Quote, “No filmmaker in this world can ensure a commercial hit. But as a team we can say that the audiences and critics who really look forward to a good & fresh story in Punjabi Cinema will appreciate our film.”


Surmeet is one of the lead actors who will be seen for the first time in the film, Idiot Boys. Before getting into films, Surmeet has been a motivational speaker. He has been enthralling young and old with his wisdom filled words and has been an ardent guest speaker in the Leading Colleges, and Govt. & Social Organizations for years.

His passion for acting developed while he was honing his singing skills. His dream of featuring in a Punjabi film was fulfilled by the producers of Idiot Boys. During the shoot and on the sets, he was an utter delight to work with, aver his co-actors.

Surmeet plays the character of Meet Surmeet in the film; an obedient son of a politician. He is carefree by nature and does not have any interest in politics. Rather he is inclined towards learning music. But due to parental pressure he has joined a professional college to gather votes for his father, even though he is way past his college-going age. He gets influenced, and in all innocence ends up doing idiotic things.

Quote, “Film is a platform which is larger than life. I have been a motivational speaker but the reach and amplitude of film is so large that it prompted me to take up acting”

The story that is common but is heart felt. The story of a fresh artist, Rammi Mittal who struggled for 16 years before he got his first break. Hailing from Patiala, Rammi was always a dreamer. His biggest dream was to be featured in a film. His interest towards acting developed while he was giving dance training to his colony kids at a young age of 12.
At the age of 16 his first dream of visiting the glamour city came true, when he went to Mumbai to participate in a dance competition.

In the film, Idiot Boys, Rammi is playing the character of Gaurav Goyal (GG). Like Surmeet, he is also in the same college for the same reason but Unlike his counterpart, he is extremely sensitive, is a miser and a Lovable Idiot.

Quote, ‘With this film, my childhood dream has come true. I got the opportunity to play my character in various flavors. I’m immensely grateful to the director and producer for considering me suitable for this role”

Punjabi cinema gets a new charm; here comes the beautiful, talented and elegant actress- Diljott. Trained from, Actor Prepares, Mumbai and honed in classical, folk and western dance forms, she fully knows the art of performing on screen. Having being clicked by ace photographers like Dabboo Ratnani at the very beginning of her career, she went on to do advertisements with HPCL, Amartex Suitings, Larson and Toubro and was also covered by magazines like Film fare, ‘My Mobile’, ‘Tricity Calling’.

A rare combination of beauty with brains, she is a gold medalist in her graduation in Psycholgy honours from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Right from the childhood she has been passionate about acting. She plays the lead role in ‘Idiot Boys’. Following this is her other punjabi film ‘Yaar Annmulle 2′ .

Even after venturing into Hindi Cinema in the near future, she desires to continue working in Punjabi Cinema as well. In her upcoming film, Idiot Boys she plays the character of Mahi who is a strong girl in today’s world and lives life on her own terms. She is lively and enjoys life but at the same time doesn’t let anybody take her for granted.

Quote, “It was an enriching experience playing the character of Mahi. I am hopeful that it would be pleasure for the audiences to go and watch this beautiful film. Need blessings and good wishes’
Seasoned and senior director and writer, Prof. P.S Nirola has seen the Punjabi film industry to its core and has experienced the ups and downs of the industry very closely. Apart from being in the industry from last 35 years, Prof. Nirola was also a professor of Physics in S.G.G.S. College, Chandigarh. He moved to Pune for taking professional training in filmmaking from FTTI.

He made super hit films like, ‘Saheed Udham Singh’ and ‘Wangaar’.

In the early Eightees, he moved back to the city beautiful and started making and writing for documentary and feature films. He started making films on socially relevant and heart-touching issues like: A documentary film based on ‘RaamSetu’, A bio-pic of Maharaja Duleep Singh, A life journey of S. Joginder Singh, Former Director CBI along with many short films on issues like female foeticide, & women empowerment.

Alongside he started writing and editing scripts and became a well-known project and script-doctor in the region. He has written films like ‘Hashar’, staring Babbu Maan, and ‘Punjaban’, starring Miss Pooja and Harish Verma.

His passion for training was still intact so he also started training young minds in acting and filmmaking and became the visiting faculty to leading institutes like- Kishore Namit Kapoor’s Acting Academy in Mumbai, MAD Arts in Chandigarh and many more. He has also trained famous names in the industry like: Film Directors Late Manoj Punj, Gaurav Trehan; Actors Kulraj Randhawa, Karishma Randhewa and many more.

Prof. P.S Nirola is the project head and writer of the film, Idiot Boys. He has been the guiding force behind this film. He has written the film keeping in mind the reality behind the issues youth face these days and how a girl can enjoy her life with utmost peace.

Quote, “The state of Punjabi film industry is again going towards the downside with excess of films, mammoth budgets and repeated artists. We as filmmakers have a great responsibility to deliver a film with fresh content to the audience who is ever willing to watch a good product”

A youth based, light hearted film
Based on real life stories and incidences
Probes youngsters to take the right way in life
Depicts various social messages in an entertaining & subtle manner
It is ‘U’ certified (Unrestricted Public Exhibition)



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