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Film on Nankana Sahib massacre soon

Film on Nankana Sahib massacre (1921) soon

After success of “Chaar Sahibzaade ” audience will see very soon  a film on ” Nankana Sahib massacre (Saka Nankana Sahib 1921) ” this will be international standard  movie which will show this tragedy on screen. Sukhbir Sandhar`s production house will make this movie.From last two years working going on script of this movie by ‘ Jagmit singh samundri ‘ who is writer & director of this movie.Shooting of this movie going to start soon.

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The Nankana massacre (or Saka Nankana) took place in Nankana Sahib at that time united India, modern-day Pakistan. The event forms an important part of Sikh history. In political significance, it comes next only to Jallianwala Bagh massacre of April 1919. The saga constitutes the core of the Gurdwara Reform Movement started by the Sikhs in early twentieth century. The interesting part of this saga is the unprecedented discipline, self-control and exemplary patience displayed by the peaceful Sikh protesters even in the face of extreme barbarism. Even the national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi had to acknowledge in no ambiguous terms the glory and the prestige which the peaceful and passive resistance of the Sikhs had brought to the India’s Struggle for freedom.

Gurdwara Nankana Sahib was managed by Mahant Narayan Das in early 20th century. This Gurdwara had a huge property of over 19000 acres (77 km²) of highly fertile land attached to it which yielded enormous income per year. It is alleged that the Mahant became corrupted.

Dance girls were allegedly brought to the Gurdwara and dances were held and obscene songs were sung within the holy premises.In 1917, he is said to have arranged a dance-show by a prostitute near the holy Gurdawara.In 1918, a retired A.A.C. officer paid visit to the Gurdwara with his 13-year-old daughter to offer prayers to the Guru. As the Rehraas was being read in the Gurdwara, a Pujari rogue was allegedly raping the minor girl in another room within the Gurdwara premises.When the father lodged a complaint with the Mahant to take action against the Pujari rogue, Mahant is said to have ignored his request. In the same year, six young female devotees from Jaranwal village (modern Faisalabad, Pakistan) visited the Gurdawara on Puranmashi (full moon) to pay their offerings at Gurdwara and they too were similarly raped.*

*Source : Wikipedia

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