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Diljit Dosanjh’s Marriage Runs Into Trouble, Neighbours Say It’s Almost Over

He starred in Udta Punjab, but has he taken to the word Udta a bit too literally? People in Chandigarh are talking, and mind you not in whispers, that Diljit’s marriage is on the rocks.

For those who are surprised with this Udti Khabar, Diljit is a much married man- but hasn’t declared his shaadi to anybody except those who are very close to him.

“As and when he’s asked in a couple of interviews about his marital status, he has successfully managed to veer away from the question,” says our source.

But for how long? Anyway, that’s not the news. The news is that his marriage (which had definitely happened years ago) is rumoured to be on a shaky wicket now.

We hope that this is a case of only smoke and no fire— but our source continues and explains the reason of Diljit’s problem with his wife: “It’s a typical case of what happened in Himesh Reshammiya’s married life recently. The wife is very simple and Diljit has become a big shot especially after Udta Punjab (No doubt, he acted marvellously in that Punjab drug issue film and came out trumps despite the film having 3 excellent actors alongside him- Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt). There was a certain amount of communication gap between the husband and wife then, and now it is only increasing.”

Sad what Bollywood does to marriages which were made in heaven! Relationships which would have otherwise been beautiful go silent or even aggressive.

32-year old Diljit who is recognized as one of the leading artistes (actor, singer, TV presenter) in the Punjabi industry, has completed work on his second Bollywood film Phillauri starring Anushka Sharma who has also produced the film. Phillauri is slated for a March 2017 release.

Added the source, “It’s a matter of time that the news about the friction in Diljit’s married life reaches Mumbai loudly. Bollywood ki khabar pahuchne mein der nahi lagti.”

Is there a Woh involved between the Pati and Patni like there was a Sonia Kapoor dancing between Himesh and his wife Komal, we asked ?(Meet Himesh’s Lover Sonia Who Broke His Marriage. Is Himesh Getting Ready To Marry Her?, Dec 7). Replied the source, “No, at least not yet.”

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