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Dev Kharoud’s Kaka Ji being loved by all age group

Dreamreality Movies is coming up with Kakaji as its fourth Punjabi movie. Their commercial genre is being introduced after having released three critically and commercially acclaimed movies in ‘Rupinder Gandhi – The Gangster..?‘, ‘Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood‘ and ‘Dakuaan Da Munda‘.

The movie depicts a story of the mid- 1990s and begins with its title song by Gurnam Bhullar. Further, it presents the villagers’ fear of Kaale Kacchey Wale (thieves wearing black underwears). The all- time popular tale of Kaale Kacchey Wale appearing at night had been prevalent in the state for many years. The sequence commences quite well, and this enables to form the momentum for the film further.

The lead characters of this movie are kaka ji (Dev khroud) with Deepi( Aarushi sharma).
Kaka ji falls in love with Deepi, who is also expressing her liking for Kaka ji. They spend a lot of time together and decide to get married. But there is an interesting turn in the story that Deepi is made to get engaged to Lalli forcefully ( Lucky Dhaliwal). This twist in the story makes the audience excited about what lies ahead.

It was the first time that Dev Kharoud playing role in romantic ambience. Fans of Kaka ji can watch him in a new form in this movie. He tries his best to do justice with his role.

Jagjeet Sandhu, Kaka ji’s friend Rakaat is a hilarious character of this movie and he has been successful in making the audience laugh like anything. The duo of Dheeraj Kumar (Kaka Ji’s friend Randhir) and Dhaliwal were adept in their own personal ways. Given the importance of Dhaliwal’s character, one feels that his role should have been more than it eventually turned out to be.

Aarushi Sharma, who played the role as Deepi opposite to Kaka ji is also praiseworthy. She has played her role very confidently. The other actress Seher (Bholi) is also impacting the movie in her own ways.

The romantic comedy script of this movie has been written by Gurpreet Bhullar and Gill Raunta. The dialogues are the soul of the whole movie and it is the screenplay which holds the viewers’ attention.

Music and the songs are the best part of the movie.Gurnam bullar, Rajvir Jawanda, Gurlez Akhtar, Himmat Sandhu and Harman Gill are the singers who worked as the cherry on the cake. The makers had realized that the quality of music plays an important role in a commercial movie and is something which has come out really well.The quality of the music is outstanding.

Here we want to know you that Dream Reality Movies has recovered the 50 % cost of the movie before it’s release through Music & Digital Rights of movie. Rest 50% they have recovered by the weekend of its release. So it`s wise calculations by dream reality movies which they have shown earlier in their previous released movies too. Overseas Collections of movie is also terrific, specially in north america, Kakaji’s collection is the best collection by any punjabi movie till date released in month of january.

Kaka ji – Son of real Sardar is the movie for families and friends to watch together.

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