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Big Daddy (Punjabi movie) on father-son bonding set to release on April 21, 2017

Big Daddy – a Punjabi movie based on one dialogue “Father is like a sun, whose life never brings darkness in the life of his children and they are lost in the pains of darkness if sun sets in he life of a father ” –  is a family movie which has stated fatherhood differently wity collective efforts of  production team –  Mohammad Nazim, Sabby Suri and Sardar Sohi as lead characters with Babbal Bhatti, Writer, Anil Dhanda, DOP, Keshav Dwivedi Producer, Imran Sheikh, Director and Kuldeep Shukla Musician -have put its energy to justify the relations between “Father and Son” by keeping in mind the authenticity and realities in mind.

Star Team of Big Daddy was in Ferozepur on Saturday to meet the press for  promotion Big Daddy movie, at Press Club, Ferozepur, being released on April 21, 2017.

Mohammad Nazim (Saath Nibhana Sathiya fame) in a main role of Big Father shared his first time film experience in shooting that theatre and serials on small screen has helped in the knowledge of performing for a full length movie and delivery dialogue for the big screen.

Speaking to the media persons, producer of the movie, Keshav Dwivedi said, It took almost one year to complete the film which moves around the bonding between child character Sartaj Kakkar – a six year old boy from Delhi. the film with ten characters team, of a budget of around Rs.3.5 crore was shot only 30 per cent in India and the rest in Australia.  Earlier also, it was tried two times shooting of 14 and 4 days but could not be completed with one or the other reason.  But now it is a complete family film with a message to the society especially to youths to maintain relations.  However, there is no romantic scene except one song as per the requirement of the scene.

When asked about the future of the film in his view, Dwivedi said, Despite the different concept in Punjabi film, we have take a risk but hope to get a good response as the script of film with direction of Imran Sheikh would fill up the increasing vacuum in our social bonds, he added.

Mannder Velly – in a comedian role sharing the title Velly suffixed with his name, derived from Haveli – said, we don’t make film for money but for to give something to the society especially how to save the rise in breaking of relations.

Gurnam Sidhu, educationist-turned-lyricist, anchor and comedian said, the movie contains entertainment for all age group of our community.


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