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5 Reasons to watch YODHA

Five Reasons why you must watch – Yoddha

List copyMany times we sit in cinema halls watching a Punjabi film and say to ourselves we have seen this before, not once but many times. There are always three friends, a whole lot of alcohol & yes the repetitive comic dialogues by the same actors who somehow manage to land a role in every other movie. Filmmakers are unwilling to experiment and remain confined to the mundane tried & tested formula.
So when someone comes along and pushes the creative boundaries, people stand up and take notice. Director Mandeep Benipal & actor Kuljinder Singh Sandhu are two people who answered the call for a change and gave us ‘Sadda Haq’ a sensitive depiction of Punjab’s terrorism days. Now they are ready to unleash ‘Yodha’an action thriller for the Punjabi audience across the globe. Well apart from being conceptually different from most Punjabi movies of the day we give you 5 more reasons to go and watch ‘Yodha’.

  • The movie touches upon a topic that people of Punjab are debating about in public, social forums & gatherings. It is a topic that has the entire political fraternity of Punjab tense and shaken. The issue of ‘DRUGS’which has been plaguing the youth of our great state for many years now and somehow keeps on growing. The movie hopes to send a strong message to the youth to walk the right path & fight this evil.
  •  Director Mandeep Benipal’s first offering ‘Sadda Haq’ was appreciated by the critics & moviegoers for the mature and sensitive manner in which the days of Punjab’s terrorism were depicted in the film. There is a strong belief amongst the audience that Mandeep is the right person to tackle an issue such as this.
  • After the overwhelming success of ‘Sadda Haq’ people are curious to see Kuljinder Sidhu as the first action hero of Punjabi cinema. What has added to their curiosity and anticipation is the trailer of the film. The trailer revealed the new look of Kuljinder Sidhu flaunting a sculpted physique & an intense look, along with, a glimpse of the pulsating action sequences that will be a part of the film.
  •  ‘Yodha’ brings together a host of talented names from both Punjabi cinema & Bollywood. Kuljinder Sidhu in the main lead is joined by renowned names such as Rahul Dev, Unnati, Girija Shankar etc. The talent on show is sure to light up the silver screen & ensure engrossing cinema.
  • Last but not the least, the music of the film is already garnering rave reviews on social media from the audience & critics alike. The song “Ghora” sung by Jazzy B has already created a buzz on You Tube. Artists such as DalerMehndi & Raj Ranjodh have lent their voices to other tracks in the film.


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