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Movie Review : Ranjha Refugee (Roshan Prince, Punjabi Movie)

Director : Avtar Singh

Starring : Roshan Prince, Saanvi Dhiman


Run Time : 130 Minutes

What’s Good:The unfeigned laughs

What’s Bad: The Climax


Watch or Not? Watch Ranjha Refugee for the novel concept which is based on the separation of two brothers during their birtb due to indo- pak partition but destiny has a different role to play in their lives.
Roshan Prince the renowned actor of Punjabi industry has acted sincerely, Harby Sangha’s funny punches, Karamjit Anmol’s rarely seen a negative character, and the storyline make Ranjha Refugee an interesting watch.

Synopsis : Ranjha is deeply and irrevocably in love with Preeto, but she is going to get married with someone else.Ranjha in any circumstance cannot let that happen and does something unexpected, which in turn leads to many twists and turns his life.

Movie Review

Star Performances :
Roshan Prince playing a different role as an indian and pakistani army officer and he plays it to perfection in every frame. It is quite a challenge for an actor to master what isn’t his forte and roshan is genuinely flawless in this role.

The alluring actress Saanvi Dhiman’s irresistible acting lures the audience .Ranjha Refugee has Roshan-Saanvi, Karamjit Anmol & Harby Sangha’s dialogues that are guaranteed to make the audience laugh and applause with appreciation

Nisha Bano, Harbir Sangha & Karamjit Anmol has given outstanding performances. Anita Shabdesh, Aman Kotish & Jassi Bajwa are playing short roles in this movie.

Direction, Editing and Screenplay :
The director (Avtar Singh) strikes a fine balance between humour and emotion in this slice-of-marriage story. The first half of this movie is so hilarious and rolling the audiance with laughs. After a point the movie makes the audiance laughing with pain in their jaws while the 2nd half shifts the gears towards the emotional side of this movie. Following any other rulebook on marriage and relationships would have helped him get his way through this sloppily conceptualized story which has the regular rom-com ingredients.The film’s magical casting worked out in his favor.


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